About Us

Clavus provides complete security audits on physical spaces for businesses, investors, building owners, and homeowners. We evaluate many aspects of physical security, including hardware, landscaping, lighting, alarms, cameras, walkways and signage. By taking a holistic approach to our evaluations, we assess each property's risk factors and determine the best options for enhancing the security of the occupants and contents.

Clavus was formed to fill a void that exists in physical security. Far too often, homeowners and commercial property owners rely solely on alarm companies to protect their families and staff. Offenders are not typically deterred by alarms alone. Additional steps can and should be taken to protect your property, valuables, and especially those who matter most to you.

We’re unique because every Clavus employee has street level law enforcement experience. Chris Eggers spent an extended amount of time during his career working undercover narcotics assignments, where he spoke with offenders first hand, learning what they look for to locate a "soft target", and what features homes and businesses have that will likely force them to move on. In addition, Chris has conducted numerous burglary investigations (both residential and commercial), which provides substantial firsthand exposure to burglary methods and tactics.

In today's world, you truly can't be too careful. For anyone who values their belongings, their home, business, or property, their employees, coworkers, their families...peace of mind is worth so much. Clavus will help minimize your risk and improve the safety of your property.