Every one of our clients has unique needs, but there are some common benefits that all of our clients receive by trusting their security evaluation to Clavus.

Why should I trust Clavus instead of calling a larger, national alarm company?

While we don't question the intention of large security companies to protect your property, their goal is to get you signed up for a multi-year contract, not to personally address your unique needs. With Clavus, you'll get to know our staff personally, we'll perform at least one on-site evaluation of your location, and most-importantly, we'll sit down, face to face, with you to learn about your concerns and fully understand what you want to accomplish.

How does Clavus know what risks are specific to my neighborhood?

Part of our process includes Crime Mapping. We will thoroughly research recent crimes in your geographic location to assess the risk around your property. If multiple incidents are happening at a specific location, we will find out why. Crime around your property affects your property, and we include this research and solutions for minimizing the risk in your report.

What can I expect when Clavus visits my location?

Our one-on-one site visit will allow Clavus to learn more about your unique security concerns and needs. We will walk your property with you, discussing particular points of emphasis, which will give us an opportunity to follow any more detailed paths of investigation and questioning. We'll explain what we are looking for and what we find as we come across it. The better you understand our process, the more effective it will be at preventing criminal activity at your location.

What is the result of all this evaluation, communication and auditing?

Our security report will document security deficiencies, how they pertain to your property, why they matter, and how to address each of them. We will also document other items, point-by-point, that you as a property owner are doing well so you can best understand how they relate to physical security. In the end, you'll have a professional evaluation in your hands that you can use as a guide to create the most secure environment for your family or business.

Once your audit is complete, what can I expect from Clavus?

Once you receive our security audit, it is important that we discuss it in person, to ensure that all parties understand the content. We can also answer any questions in person, and clarify any points as necessary. As an example, if we make a recommendation that you purchase and install closed circuit video cameras, we can point out the recommended locations, recommend providers, or take on a project management role with you to ensure the installation conforms to our high standards.

Should changes occur on your property due to a remodel, expansion, or other work, we will always be available for re-evaluation. Some clients also prefer quarterly check-ups and updates on crime mapping. These are all services we can provide a'la carte as requested by existing clients.

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