Commercial Security Services

Clavus is proud to provide extensive security auditing for commercial buildings, business parks, condominium and apartment complexes, and planned developments. Find out more about our commercial services below.

Existing Commercial Properties

Have you experienced vandalism, theft, or other security breaches? Even if you have a gate or alarm, there are likely gaps in your security that would-be offenders - even unsophisticated or new criminals - can exploit. There is an extremely vast base of unwritten information that travels through the network of criminals in every city, turning desperate people into potential thieves, and making those who have already committed crimes even smarter.

Clavus knows these people and how they think. Our years of experience in undercover law enforcement exposed us to the network of information that they use to exploit security holes at commercial properties and housing complexes. Since we know what they are looking for when choosing a target, we know how to force them to move on from turning your property into a crime scene.

Planned Commercial Properties

Architects, planners and contractors hire Clavus to assist with incorporating security improvements into their upcoming projects. The highest level of security can be achieved when property and personal safety is considered from the very beginnings of a development. Bring Clavus in early in your architectural and land planning process to design risk avoidance into your commercial building, business part, or housing development.